part of the problem

May 13, 2009 § Leave a comment

i think
his heart is a nomad
she pursues
hoping one day
it’ll stop
and break beat
with her

but moratorium is a difficult feat
for him
and that heart of his.

so i tell her:
most humans don’t deserve all of you
just bits and pieces
of your excess.

she chalks this golden penny
of thought to some sort of bitterness
on my part.
and i am willing to admit being
a part jaded, one quarter cynical
once jasmine honeysuckle & magnolia woman
now unwilling to walk through
the charade of plucking petals
he loves me he loves me not.

the thing is; we don’t agree on a lot
and i never minded that much
but this time
i really want her on this
’cause its hard to move forward
when the two sides of me
are warring about the direction.


dialogue in commute

May 4, 2009 § 1 Comment

watched myself
pass by
in the mystery of shop windows;
going unnoticed
between books & people
pushing pass
surface emotions.

i tell myself i can do this;
can introduce my self to people.
‘ll Probably say:
“i’m a girl
turned woman in commute…”

((leaving that statement half finished to ask;))

“do you listen
to the road rage
folding itself into
the horns of anger?”

((rehearsing that))

once again i’m at that park
in Brooklyn
crawling out of my skin
& Rorschach’s test won’t convince me
that hanging it upside down on a branch
to be nude in moratorium
is lunacy

i changed my mind
about that girl thing;
i’m just a person.

you know…

enamored with colors and images
falling from the lips of men
with madonna whore complexes.
& i’ve been in therapy enough times
to know what that is

& in case you didn’t know
there is intellectual comfort
in reading odd books
and cereal boxes
— maybe you don’t need to know that—
cause that is the normal stuff
but I’m telling you anyway…
…a just in case kind of thing.

u might find this particularly interesting:

i was once diagnosed a lot of things

until they concluded
my ego states are normal fragments
of a healthy personality.

some still think i’m some sort of  functional crazy.
but anywho,

what’s your story?

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