About Me & This Blog

An expat, a writer who reads more than she writes. And when I do write (on this blog) the content is mostly fiction, sometimes a few slices of musings, and a dash of personal experience here and there. But, so as not to confuse you, each is in their respective category.


§ 9 Responses to About Me & This Blog

  • HI!! i really liked your style of writing!! be in touch!!! all the best!

  • Emma Holliday says:

    Hi there, first of all your work is well written. You express your thoughts in a very interesting way. You are a very good writer indeed. I googles Jewel Kilcher and was led to your short story, “The things she could not carry”. Is that about her?

  • Renatta says:

    Thank you for the kind words. To answer you question; the story wasn’t about Jewel. However, I thought my character would like her poetry and would share a similar voice echoed in some of the pieces from her book ‘a night without armor’. Initially, I had quoted a few snippets but eventually edited it out. It seems I’m always editing. Once again, thanks for the read and comment.

  • Wow I must say i’m impressed how you write and also challenged as well. I need to be reading more of what is out there. This great work Renatta and am looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  • Mariola says:

    Please keep writing! You give me hope.

  • Renatta says:

    Many thanks Mariola; more appreciated than you know.

    • Mariola says:

      Renatta, if possible, I appreciate your voice as much as you appreciate my saying as much. Furthermore, I can’t keep away from reading everything your blog can offer. Please keep speaking out and out.
      Best of luck to you Renatta!

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