January 13, 2010 § 2 Comments

barreling down the tongue
twisted from the larynx
said like the conjunction it is
pressed on prolonging the subject.

say it:

i loved her
“and ”
i married him
“and “
i was raped
i hate
“and “
i’ve force-f*cked a lot of things
i lived

say it just like that
but remember it is about
the beginning that became a poem
that woke me mid morning
before sunrise just after midnight
like little drops of april and july
like crimson calms & jabs
saying handsome things about
the palm from which it read
sing-song style across beauty marks,
removed warts, fraying cuticles
and old manicures.

say it with emphasis raw
because it is about the gestation of words
deep in construction feelings
doing holy things at ungodly hours
for milk spilled
with no tears shed no fuss made
because it would have spoiled anyway
the very next day…

all of it is about innocence
hushed in life mimicking mid-town traffic
it is about anyway;
that adverb with its
“despite what the situation is…”
type of meaning
that keeps the walk in motion
until no detour leads to perfection
and one is left asking
is there really any way?

it is about an epic
where the hero is hailed
for discovering a new sense of candid
not for inventing cures
or landing a plane on the hudson
but for simply being open
about the truth of their person.
this is about what happens
when emotions take over
and it can no longer be contained
save for a poem
at mid morning…


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