December 28, 2009 § Leave a comment

Three weeks ago, a child at work- well she is 13, so that makes her a teenager- asked if I cry. My answer? “sure I do.” She wanted to know when was the last time. I tried to recall then told her this summer. She wanted to know why? I told her my mom’s visit was cathartic. She further inquired “and you haven’t cried since?” I replied, “no I haven’t.” Almost complaining she said, “that’s months ago… what about before that?” I couldn’t remember. Told her this and offered the endnote, “I’m not a cryer.” She said “I cry a lot.” I suggested, “it may have to do with your hormones; puberty can have that affect.” She said “no, I cried a lot even before…movies, feelings of being overwhelmed…you name it, all make me cry. I cry almost every day.” I said “okay. That’s fine too.” She said “I know.” Then asked, “how do you not cry in months?” I answered “I don’t know.”

And I really don’t know because in the past couple of days, I cried more than I did this entire year.

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