a small belch

August 24, 2009 § Leave a comment

i’m rushing ‘cross the proturbances of calm and calamity. stopping to observe the beautiful violence that is love capsize all over itself. my skin goosebumps in awe & rebellion as i surrender in the still….the silence…the aftermath…of moving mountains….

i don’t miss the loud screech of thoughts halted when my heart stops but i miss seeing the memory replicate itself like a recurring decimal. stained like batik on plain fabric. expanding like yeast…rising like a thought. being out of breath in the moment of laying under fireworks.

still. i’m alright with right now. mostly because it is what is…

and ’cause i believe in better tomorrows. happy endings & bumpy in-betweens…

inspite of everything, the loudest thing in my head is: the universe has been kind.

and it really has…

it really has been.


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