May 26, 2009 § Leave a comment

So I am doing a lot of writing about emotions and feelings etc etc etc. And though I get tired of writers who do a lot of it, I know the importance of just getting the crap out… brain farting, emotional laxative taking, heart defecating type of spit, spew, coughin and shhhhhh!

Anywho, was in a conversation with a sister friend discussing Alice Walker, Rebecca Walker, their estrangement, children, feminism, its effects on their relationship and Alice’s role as a mom, Rebecca’s adult responsibility or lack thereof and the sum collective. Eventually, the conversation took a detour and ended up down this road:

Me: when you met your ex were you concerned that maybe you wont get pregnant?

C: not at all: although i did wonder what was taking so long…LOL

Me: how old were you when you met him?

C: it was 94…so i was….(doing the math in my head) 26…yeah i turned 26 that year but i was 25

Me: awwwwwwwww you found love in your mid twenties

C: omg… you’re a FOOL

Me: love is a b!tch!!!!

C: no, he’s a b!tch…love is beautiful…LMAO

ME: I’m not just talking about him. I’m talking ’bout lovin men period. i wish i could love a plant instead. but then that f*cker would die in the fall. hahahahahhaha..

C: lol

Me: lol…u still believe in love?

C: of course. love isn’t the problem…humans are

Me: and how the hell do we handle that? i cant be with the plant

C: just love the crazy ones from a safe distance… LOL. that’s the best advice i can offer; for instance you know i still love ((what’s his face name)) but if we lived in the same place, i’d be in jail right now from trying to kill him because his dysfunction was too close for comfort

Me: lmao…homicidal thoughts huh?

C: lots of them.

Me: you need a plant…LMAO!!!!

C: I certainly do…lol.


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